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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 21, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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know what you think of any segment tonight. follow me @megynkelly. and we'll chat or at least you'll chat and i'll read and we'll see you tomorrow night. thanks everybody. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. we are monitoring the protests and potential riots in ferguson tonight. we will bring you all the latest news and information throughout this hour. but first, an american is dead tonight and it's all at the hands of isis. now the terror group visually beheaded journalist james foley for all the world to see, and now the international response is beginning. standing by in london tonight with the very latest on the investigation into who exactly beheaded james foley is sky news political correspondent john craig. john, what can you tell us about him? >> well, this story has dominated the british news bulletins and newspapers for the past three days now. there's real shock here that a british person appears to have
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been responsible for this brutal killing which has shocked the british people as much as i'm sure it has the americans as well. he's been dubbed jihadi john in the british papers. this is a preview of tomorrow's daily mail newspaper, sadistic reign of jihadi john talking about the torture and mock executions of the hostages. the daily telegraph for tomorrow is talking about how the net is closing in. now this paper is reporting about how the sas has identified him as possibly coming from east london. of course he sounds as though he has a british accent, talks here about the hunt intensifying. the papers throughout the past couple of days have been talking about trying to find this person, find the british butcher said the daily mail yesterday. now, the sas are involved, british police are involved. but mr. cameron here, the prime minister, has come under some criticism from members of
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parliament over his failure to enact tougher antiterror laws following the murder of a british soldier lee rigby in east london a year or two ago. so there's a lot of criticism here that perhaps the british government is not doing enough to stamp out the radicalization of young men like jihadi john. so there are moves also to get tough with the likes of these captors, take away their british passports rather than just put them in jail and then release them back into society. but there is while the papers believe the net is closing and no doubt the intelligence services believe they are getting some leads, it's still a mystery to who this person is, where he comes from. and there's a possibility raised by some of tomorrow's newspapers, he may not be the killer. but he's certainly seen as the ring leader. and certainly from the prime minister downwards even though mr. cameron has now returned to
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his summer holiday, a bit like president obama, he's been on holiday while a lot of this has been going on. the british prime minister spoke of the shock of the british people that a british person is involved here. >> well, john, thank you. but prime minister cameron came back from his vacation. the president gave a three-minute statement and minutes later was on the golf course playing golf where i believe he should have been in the situation room. thank you so much for that report. we appreciate it. and joining me now to explain exactly what isis is and just how big a threat this group poses to our very own homeland is fox's own jennifer griffin. jennifer. >> sean, defense secretary chuck hagel told reporters at the pentagon today that he regretted that the mission to rescue foley did not succeed. >> isil is a sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. they're beyond just a terrorist group. >> u.s. military sources tell me the special operations team that attempted the rescue was on the
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ground longer than they expected when they got to the first compound the hostages weren't there. there was evidence they had been there just days before. they extracted information at the first compound and decided to go to a second location where they got into a fire fight. one u.s. aviator was injured. the intelligence leads for the operation came from interviews with two spanish and four french hostages released this spring. they described where the american hostages were being held in eastern syria near the town of roka. they said they were being held by british jihadists. the executioner in the video who he speaks with an east london accent, here's iraq's ambassador to the united states. >> we know for a fact that there are european passport holders who are jihadists. as i said before, this is a tourist destination. we need to fight that. >> reporter: after the air force helped iraq's government retake the mosul dam, foley's isis
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captu captured vile e-mail -- previously they had asked for 100 million euros or $132 million in ransom according to the foleys. foleys lawyer at global post there were an additional six u.s. air strikes in iraq today against isis targets and 9 o since august 8th. we turn now to kathryn for the latest on how the intelligence community is reacting to the leak of the failed mission to rescue foley. a lot of people are angry about this. >> well, they are, sean. first the nation's top law enforcement officer said today that the administration will bring journalist james foley's killers to account. >> the justice department is actively pursuing justice in this case. we have an open criminal investigation. >> the fbi director telling reporters today they opened a
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file on foley when he was kidnapped two years ago and now the murder has focused -- refocused the attention of the investigators. >> we'll work with our law enforcement, our intelligence and our military partners to try to bring justice to the foley family and bring the full force of the united states to bear on these savages. >> the state department had assurances an fbi team would be allowed into syria collect evidence and even question witnesses. a spokeswoman had no specifics. >> obviously there will be a criminal investigation as there always is when there's an american citizen death overseas as the doj can speak to. there's also an ongoing intelligence community focus on this to determine who may have been responsible. >> on the attempt to rescue foley which did not succeed, members of the special operations community have told me that they are very disappointed that this information was made public, specifically because when a mission is not successful it remains an open case and
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ongoing. but with this information now out in the public domain, that is now effectively closed, sean. >> incredible story. two quick questions here, number one, to we know if the president actually has watched this video in full, number one? and what about the deputy spokesman saying that the isis threat "is not about the united states and what we do." is that their official position? >> that does seem to be the official position, sean. there seems to be a disconnect between what we heard at the defense department today, from the secretary chuck hagel, that this is an imminent threat and the threat is now well-established in syria and iraq. and that's important because that is the direct connection to a safe haven and attacks against the united states. what has not been reported very fully but you heard it here at fox news is that isis has tasked its operatives to leave the country and start south in their native lands. and we have seen that already in europe. the question is whether it's coming to the united states as
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well. >> and remember john brennan in 2011 said that the idea of an islamic caliphate is delusional and absurd. some of the words he used. >> just one final point if i could very quickly. >> sure. >> what you hear increasingly from people is there is not just a single kinetic response to this problem that will resolve it. this is now a battle of ideas and what we're seeing with social media is that there is an acceleration of a timeline. it used to be we saw things in europe and then it came to the united states about five years later in terms of terrorist strategy and technology. this is no longer the case. we're seeing it very compressed, sometimes just a matter of months. >> all right. and by the way some hell of a jayvee team as the president referred to it. thank you so much. by the way, not only is the administration under fire for the leak of the failed rescue mission which according to some was intended to be political cover for the president. now the commander in chief's priorities are being scrutinized like never before because yesterday we saw him deliver a
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statement on the beheading of an american journalist and then within a matter of minutes where did he return? right back to the golf course. here to respond are two former cia officials, michael surer and bill cowen. gentlemen, welcome back to the program. good to see you. first of all, what is your reaction? i don't think it was just a little over three minutes that the president spoke about this horrific beheading. and really a threat of war because they were addressing the united states. bill cowen, it was right on the links minutes later the hill said. what's your reaction to that? if i was the president i'd be in the situation room with every national defense person i had. >> sean, narrow fiddles while rome burns. i think this president could care less about all the threats we face. he's probably gliding along on a path where he hopes nothing will happen to the united states in the next two years while he's still president. but the reality is and we heard some of it today from the secretary of defense, we face a
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threat unlike any threat we've ever faced in our lives. and this administration seems to be doing nothing about it. dropping some bombs here and there is nice. we can't show enough respect for the men and women who are doing that. but we're just nibbling at the edges, sean. we haven't even started to go after these people. jihadi john is one of hundreds of foreigners including americans who have passports and who can travel freely. >> michael, you know, the president referred to isis as the jayvee team. look at what they did to james foley. the state department yesterday said the isis threat is not about the united states or what we do. i'm going to put up a map here. let's just look over the cities that isis have now taken over. mosul and sinjar and it goes on and on and on, fallujah. look at all those cities we've got there. and then look at this other map we have of terror groups around the world. isil, isis in syria and iraq as we just showed, boko haram in
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africa, the taliban in afghanistan, hezbollah, hamas in the middle east as well as, you know, we know of the islamic hot bed in russia, chechnya and all these others. also domestic terrorism in turkey and in greece. i got to tell you, how can the president be this -- he said the tide of war is receding. you know, man caused disasters, overseas contingencies. this looks like pre-9/11 and the 9/11 report said they are at war with us and we're not at war with them. are we back to that mindset? >> i don't know if we ever left it, sean. >> i think george bush and dick cheney left it. >> well, they had a chance to destroy al qaeda and they didn't do it. and now we're going to surrender afghanistan back to them. we have to begin to see the world as it is and not the way we want it to be. mr. obama doesn't understand anything at all about what's
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going on in the world. we're now seeing -- i think what we're seeing -- >> you said the president of the united states doesn't have a clue about radical islam? does he not see the same map i see? i would assume he gets intelligence briefings every day, michael? >> i think he's a theorist. i think he's a harvard intellectual or pretends to be and he wants the world to be at peace. he doesn't see what's going on at all. >> well, he can run all he wants. i would wish that adolf hitler never emerged also. but the reality and the truth is that he did and 6 million jews were slaughtered in a holocaust. >> well, the problem lies not with me but with the president. and there's no way to get rid of him for the next two years. so we're stuck with him. but what we're seeing, sean, in the islamist movement, mr. hagel was wrong to say they've never seen anything like this as if it was a surprise. this movement is an evolutionary movement. it's gotten consistently stronger since 1988 when al qaeda was formed. al qaeda is now a small part of
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a much bigger self-perpetuating thing. and what we're seeing in iraq based on your map is what mounts a tune called the final stage of an insurgency, which is the beginning of formations of battle hardened and semiconventional units, which are taking on the military in iraq. this is very serious situation. but there's no one in the united states who will say that. because we would have to address things like our relationship with israel, our relationship with the saudis, our inability to get energy self-sufficiency. and instead they're not going to do anything, sir. >> well said, thank you both. appreciate it. remember, the head of isis said we'll see you in new york. and they're going to wave the flag and raise the flag of islam in the white house. that's their threat. it's coming. coming up next, our liberals like al sharpton waging a war on law enforcement in ferguson, missouri. former lapd detective here to respond. and later tonight on "hannity".
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>> this also is just not about mike brown. this is about police brutality. this is about racism. this is about racial profiling. >> juan williams, kevin jackson are back tonight to respond to the ferguson democratic committee woman who thinks the shooting of michael brown is about police brutality. that and more on this busy news night straight ahead. 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier
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i will. >> i'm going to check with your wife to see if you do that. i'm going to be checking on you, man. good to see you. >> thank you. >> now, holder's visit yesterday was not all smiles as he stirred up some strife during remarks he made when he reportedly said he understood the mistrust of police officers and that "i am the attorney general of the united states, but i'm also a black man." joining us now former l.a.p.d. detective mark furhman. mark, he said that, and he also has a history of past rhetoric involving race. let me play that for you as well. >> as it stands, our society is not yet color blind, nor should it be given the disparities that still afflict and divide us. we must be color brave and must never forget that all are made better and more prosperous if all are given equal opportunities. >> i can't look into people's hearts, look into people's minds. but it seems to me that this president has been treated
7:18 pm
differently than others. there's a certain racial component to this for some people. i don't think this is a thing is a main driver, but for some there's a racial anamist. >> though this nation has prominently thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot. in things of racial i think we continue to be a nation of cowards. >> a nation of cowards. i come here not as attorney general but as a black man. it seems to me that more than anything instead of doing just his job to get to the truth, he wants to use this as an opportunity to sermonize on his views on race, which i think is, you know, chief law enforcement officer's inappropriate. what's your reaction? >> i couldn't argue with you, sean. that's for sure. probably of any person that is in a political position in the united states government, the one person that shouldn't bring any personal opinions, biases,
7:19 pm
prejudices or desires to change society would be the attorney general of the united states. he has to make decisions that might cross racial lines, might cross, you know, other barriers that he might have personal opinions. but he might have to actually do the hard job of prosecuting or not prosecuting people that he might otherwise want to. >> let me ask you about spike lee because there's been so many irresponsible comments. he made a couple of comments that there is an orchestrated war on black males. and then he said he hopes things blow up after the verdict comes out in this particular case. let me play these for you and get your reaction and what it means for officers on the ground when public figures say things like this. >> something smells bad in ferguson. it's not just tear gas. for example, when they find -- when the police finally say who
7:20 pm
this officer is, the same day they release this videotape. all the sudden this mysterious woman josie who knows who the hell she is, is she reading a script and then all of a sudden everybody's taking her words which really is third person witness as gospel. >> do you believe all that is orchestrated? >> yes. >> a lot of people said, look, there's no coincidence that on friday -- >> it is orchestrated. anderson, there's a playbook. i just think there's a war on the black male. and it's tearing the country apart. >> when people get to a point -- to the tipping point, they can't take it anymore. and i'm not saying people should burn down stuff, riot and loot. i don't want to use the word riot. i'm going to use the word uprising. but this is not the first time we've seen this. and i just hope that things will really blow up if the people aren't happy with the verdict of
7:21 pm
this upcoming trial. >> a war on the black male. and i just really hope -- i hope that things will really blow up if people aren't happy with the verdict. wow. your reaction. >> well, you know, sean, spike lee, what does he do? he makes films. really, how important is his opinion to begin with? but when you listen to him, he's almost borderline inciting a riot with his position in the media. and then you kind of wonder who is he speaking for? i think you could go to any community in the united states and talk to any race of person. and then you ask who is stopped by the police. well, the people that are walking around at 3:00 in the morning in a residential community that they don't live in. people that are walking into a liquor store with a firearm. people that are robbing a liquor store. people that are stealing a car.
7:22 pm
you have this dynamic that people don't understand. that people cause themselves to be focused on by the officer in his presence. it is not by chance. and i think by and large officers are looking for conduct and descriptions of people that fit the crime in their area. if you want them to not do that, that is very easy. just stop doing police work. >> let me ask you this question. because i wonder if we need to equip our officers better. now, for example, i'm going to show the video. there was a shooting just a couple days ago of a man with a knife, wielding a knife, in st. louis. i watched this video over and over again. and he was shot by two st. louis officers. let me roll this tape. >> he's got a gun out.
7:23 pm
oh [ bleep ]. oh [ bleep ]. oh [ bleep ]. [ gunfire ] >> we didn't show the end of this, but there are two things that i thought watching this. he did have a knife, but he was still about five feet away from the officers. apparently he said shoot me, shoot me, shoot me. i'm wondering two things. should we use those gopro cameras. they're easy to put on the lapel of a police officer, record every encounter, number one. and is there any other equipment or does police basically now have one option, a firearm to stop somebody in the case of this crazy guy with a knife. maybe there was something else they could have used that would have stopped him short of, you know, having to use a weapon. is that something we need to look at? >> well, i think it's been looked at for probably 30 or 40
7:24 pm
years, sean. i'm going to give you an example, a man with a knife, it's a pretty common occurrence in america, probably across the world. but there's a thing called the 21-foot rule. if a man with a knife is standing 21 feet from you, and you have your firearm out and he charges you at full speed, he will reach you by the time you fire your weapon. and he will probably actually injure you in some way or kill you with that knife before he dies if you did accurately shoot your weapon. that's the 21-foot rule. in that there, let's just say for an argument he's ten feet away. >> no, he was about four or five feet. >> okay. so he is one-quarter away from the 21-foot rule. and he's moving towards a passenger officer. they had no choice. and you can't use rubber bullets, nets, tasers or anything else because it's not going to stop the action. >> yeah. you got to hope that maybe an
7:25 pm
alternative, in that case i think that man was obviously disturbed in some way, but i agree with you. i mean, that could happen in a flash of an instant. they begged him to put it down. over and over again they asked him to put it down. all right. mark, thank you. appreciate it. coming up, new video of the officer involved in the shooting of michael brown has just been released. now brown family attorney der el parks joins me with reaction as the legal battle in this case begins. and tonight. >> we feel that this protest which we are involved in is constitutional. >> so what was dr. martin luther king jr. doing in ferguson? his niece will join me live right here in studio as "hannity" continues tonight. introducing nexium 24hr finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™
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darren wilson in video from february of this year shows officer wilson receiving an awart from police chief thomas jackson at a city council meeting. let's take a look. >> next, i would like to call officer darren wilson. [ applause ] officer wilson, in recognition of outstanding police work while investigating a suspicious vehicle call, acting alone you struggled with one subject and was able to gain control of the subject and his car keys until assistance arrived. later during the interview it was discovered the suspect was breaking down a large quantity of marijuana for sale. great job, darren. [ applause ] >> so does that video show there can be two sides of every story and that people are rushing to judgment to attack the character and credibility of this six-year police force veteran? here with reaction is the attorney for the family of michael brown, darrell parks back with us. darrell, good to see you.
7:29 pm
thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me, sean. >> all right. since we last spoke, a very different narrative is now emerging. diametrically opposed from dorian johnson's version. remember the first day he was the first person i saw on tv. he said we were minding our own business, walking down the street, this cop shot him in the back, he had his hands up and he assassinated and executed him. remember that? >> yes. >> now we're discovering that there are witnesses that say there was a struggle inside the car, that michael brown was fighting with the officer potentially reaching for his gun. we don't know the answer to that. but the first shot was fired from the car. and that he also tried to bum rush him and run back at him, which would totally change the legal narrative from execution, murder, to justifiable use of force. so what are we to believe? you weren't there. i wasn't there, but two diametrically opposed stories.
7:30 pm
what are we to make of this at this moment? >> well, sean, i want you to focus on one thing, one part of this. after the altercation at the car, the officer gets out of his truck, all witnesses corroborate that. >> not all. >> mike was running from the officer at first. >> he ran at first, agreed. okay. >> while he was running the officer shot at him. >> okay, that is not -- that is in dispute according to other witnesses, but go ahead. >> but if you take that to be true, then that alone -- >> that's a big if. >> -- is use of force. >> not a big if. >> the other narrative is which by the way he's supposed to, he told michael brown to freeze. michael brown and dorian ran. dorian said they were minding their own business, they just robbed a convenience store. so they weren't really minding their own business when they go to the mindset they both had seeing an officer might be important. the other narrative is he said, come on, what are you going to do, shoot me?
7:31 pm
and then ran towards the officer. if he did that then the officer's justified in the use of force. by law. you're a lawyer. you agree? >> let me say this to you. there was a witness who came out yesterday, last name is grant, i believe, right? he tells a different picture. he corroborates what dorian says in that the officer shot him and the guy says you got me and the officer kept shooting him. >> dorian also said he shot him in the back. there was no shot in the back. >> there's another witness that says he was on his knees, hands up and the cop shot him execution style. so we're getting all sorts of -- >> now you have more than two who says he was down while the officer shot him. >> right. but the st. louis dispatch police reporter saying that the police have a dozen witnesses that will corroborate the police officer's story. now, if -- >> bring them out. >> if that all turns out to be true, and you go -- you're a lawyer. and you got these two different stories told, then what's a jury to think except that, you know,
7:32 pm
reasonable doubt. >> sean, as i see it right now we have four witnesses that truly showed this officer acted inappropriately. and you have the word of the officer. that's all we have right now. it's four to one. >> you don't believe that the st. louis police reporter -- the st. louis dispatch police reporter, you don't believe her sources are accurate? we also know this, we know the orbital eye socket of the officer was broken. we also know that he had severe facial wounds. we also know that there was a struggle in the car. we also know and we saw the video of michael brown really acting in a horrible way towards that store clerk. we know all that too, right? we also know he was high on marijuana. >> i mean, let me say this though, at the end of the day all that didn't justify him being shot at as he ran away. >> but you don't -- wait a minute. if he was shot as he was running away, he would have been shot in the back.
7:33 pm
>> well, the guy was a bad shot. he didn't hit him. >> no, if he's running away, you'd have to shoot him somewhere in the back. he wasn't running away. >> if you shoot and you miss though. he missed him a few times as he was running away. >> do you fire a firearm? i carried a firearm more than half my life. you ever shoot a pistol? >> yes. >> i was a marksman at the age of 12, i'm not so sure i'd be the good shot i usually am on a range with the adrenaline running. >> we have video of that officer immediately thereafter, he seems to be okay. >> we'll see what happens. the only thing i would say is let's not rush to judgment. let's wait until all the facts are in. i don't know what fully happened. nor do you. but i am absolutely stunned at the differences in the stories being told. i find it unbelievable. >> justice delayed is justice denied. >> well, but you don't know what happened. but you don't know what happened, do you? you don't know for a fact, do
7:34 pm
you? you don't know. we haven't finished the investigation. you don't know, do you? >> it's four. >> you don't know -- >> so far. >> you yourself do not know as of this moment exactly what happened for sure. >> all i know is i have a client with a bullet to the top of his head. >> i know. by the way my thoughts and prayers go to the family. it's a hard thing, we're losing too many kids unnecessarily in cities across the country and it's terrible. >> what i think, sean, in that situation that if this officer had any value for this kid's life, he had no reason to shoot him. >> you don't -- but you say that but you don't know that. because you weren't there. >> well, but i have now heard from the eyewitnesses. >> we have the other witnesses now. we've got two sides of a story. that's why i don't think it's right for you to rush to judgment. i haven't made a decision. i don't know what happened. originally i thought, wow, looks bad for the officer. now i'm not so sure.
7:35 pm
i don't know. all right, darryl, good to see you. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity". >> we feel that this protest which we are involved in is constitutional. >> so what would martin luther king jr. say about the disgraceful riots that have rocked ferguson, missouri? when we come back his niece will answer that very question. that's straight ahead. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently.
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fox news alert. chaos in ferguson, missouri, continues tonight. businesses try to pick up the broken pieces. sot with the leader of the civil rights movement, dr. martin luther king jr., would he be proud to see peaceful demonstrations erupting into violence. the author of "king rules," how are you? i've known you since my atlanta days. it's an honor to have you.
7:41 pm
and you're a good friend. i guess you spent a lot of time with dr. king, right? >> i actually did. i was married the year after he was killed. my dad was killed. as i'm trying to say this i looked over at your football. my kids still play with that. >> i'll give you another one. >> anyway, it distracted me for a second. but actually martin luther king jr. and my dad in the midst of turbulence and i actually marched and went to jail and faced the tear gas, nerve gas shot in my arm, all of that, but they would preach peace. they would say you got to have peace and then you can go after justice. >> well, if he were alive today and he went to ferguson. >> uh-huh. >> do you think things would be different? >> they would be very much different. if my uncle -- martin luther king jr., went to ferguson today, he would be meeting with the spiritual leaders. he would be encouraging the people. he would be motivating the rioters and say you're better than this, you don't have to live like this.
7:42 pm
>> when i listen to your -- to dr. king's speech, i am mesmerized at the power that he commanded when he spoke. i mean, it was -- it was like a god's gift. it was an amazing thing to listen to him. >> right. >> did he prepare those speeches? were they mostly from the heart? some prepared? >> many of my uncle's speeches actually came from the bible. they were things he believed in his heart. and he believed in peaceful nonviolent conflict resolution. and even as jesus christ turn the other cheek, i saw my uncle turn the cheek many, many times. now, would he think it's okay for michael to be dead, he would weep because that's a dream that's been diverted. but he would want a society that's so much better that michael never felt hego in the store and steal anything in the first place. >> i don't know what happened yet. you have two very different stories that have emerged. what do you make of that? >> i believe we must wait until
7:43 pm
the whole investigation is done. it's too early to make decisions on either side. but i believe that we should not rush to just decide that, you know, michael was just slaughtered and shot down. we have to let the justice take its course. but it's still unfortunate. michael should not be dead. don't get me wrong. i'm very disturbed by that. i cry and weep with his parents. he should be alive today, but we still have to let the investigation happen. >> last week in chicago seven killed, 29 injured. this is happening all across america. >> and it's not always racism, although i do believe there is still racism alive in america. but i think that it's much deeper. the problem is much deeper. >> all right. good to see you. >> good to see you too. coming up next, juan williams and outspoken missouri resident kevin jackson go one-on-one as the unrest in ferguson rages on.
7:44 pm
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7:49 pm
corroborated. i have the impression this is a situation that i have not seen. now we get more information, every bit of the storyline seems to now shift. we have a broken orbital eye socket of the police officer, severe wounds on the face, eyewitnesses now saying that on two occasions the officer was bum rushed by michael brown, pushed into the car, a struggle for the gun, then he ran at him. now, if those stories are true, that would be justifiable use of force. very different narratives. but diametrically opposed. >> right. >> what are the people to think about this? >> well i think, sean, the biggest issue with this is who set the narrative. when you look at how the media covered it and how everybody sort of led -- they profered the idea that michael brown was a choir boy, he was a good kid on his way to college, meaning he had a future. then all of a sudden it's very difficult to tear that narrative down. and i think the left got in front of this thing before the other folks. if you recall, you couldn't say anything against michael brown
7:50 pm
because if you did you wanted him dead. >> or more than that. remember, if anyone mentioned the videotape. >> sure. >> of him really, i mean, shockingly strong arming this poor store clerk and pushing him into the potato chip rack and coming back like this at the guy. i mean, that's pretty intimidat. juan williams, you know johnson said they're minding their own business, and and i think it goes to the mind set of what they were thinking about seeing any police officer in that moment. is that pertinent in your mind? >> i just worry about the way you're approaching this. i have to tell you as your friend. it's worry some to me. you know what? i've seen the videotape of the officer, you know? standing by the body, walking around looking like he's in a days or concern. i don't know what is going on in
7:51 pm
his mind he did not look like he was bleeding and suffering from a broken orbital bone. >> and someone broke his -- >> i don't know what happened . >> really? forget the police officer walking around. >> hold on, sean, i can speak to what i saw on the tape. >> what about t the eye witnesses? >> that he attacked and bum rushed the officer? >> i don't know. these are narratives we know people that say they're eye witnesses often don't remember things correctly or out right lie. so what i can tell you is what i know. what i know is this kid was shot six times, an unarmed kid i think that is outrageous. >> you're judge, jury, executioner? >> i ask juan, what would you be saying if the situation was
7:52 pm
reversed? on left you have colorized issues you only see people's prix of black. the left saw what they wanted to see, and the bells start to ring so the profiteers. so my question is what happened if this cop then is black and shot a white kid? would juan williams be taking the same approach? the balanced approach is let's take a look at the evidence the left set the narrative how good this kid was and the officers were on the hunt. . >> i think it's destructive. i have said all along, thuggish behavior needs to be punished people that are law abiding cannot tolerate people intimidating folks and grabbing cigars, whatever. i'm going to -- >> but you answered the question -- >> let me finish, sean.
7:53 pm
i'm going to tell you something. when you see the justice system not respond to someone being shot six times, and left in the street like that? it's very distressing. and inspires paranoia and fear that there is going to be a cover up. that is why you see that and get people like sharpton able to take advantage of the fear and anxiety. >> juan, you have reached a judgment without even half the facts. >> i don't know what happened. nor do you. you don't know what happened. >> i just said. that you're the one making judgments what i saw is a policeman walking around, no sign of an orbital bone, broken. you can't see that in the film. >> yes. you can. >> they said the cop who did it already left. >> hold on. >> i want to cover something you said a second ago. what you said was that they left this body out there. that is what investigations do. they leave bodies where they
7:54 pm
lie. >> they cover it, they don't leave you like a deer, an animal in the street. >> that is not the issue. it's more important here from a legal standpoint. was it justifiable use of force? >> i agree. but let the judge -- >> juan, let me finish. >> as some eye witnesses say if he ran at the officer that is justified use of force. >> what, sean? >> that is not true. . >> i don't know. >> what i do know is that kid is dead. six times? that is beyond excessive. that is lethal force. >> well, if he was running at the officer, but if he wasn't, that is a different story. we'll spr more "hannity" straight ahead thank you both.
7:55 pm
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between uv protection and beauty again. [ female announcer ] new olay total effects now with spf 30. uva/uvb protection and anti-aging in one. youthful skin with a mission. [ female announcer ] olay. your best beautiful. >> that is all the time we have left this evening. we hope you'll tune in tomorrow night for a studio audience edition to discuss the shooting of michael brown and racial divide that exists in america. it's a "hannity" special,
8:00 pm
tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern. hope you'll set your dvr and start your day with fox and friends. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the parents for their loss. thanks for being with us, we'll see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> enough of what, al? enough of what? al sharpton has the nerve to insult the american police community. >> the factor calls out the race hustlerslike al sharpton for trying to capitalize on the death of michael browne. >> why is that acceptable? >> this attorney general and this department of justice stands with the people of ferguson. >> his role in the michael browning case could be threatening the integrity of the


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